Hello, here is Scripting Tracker

Scripting Tracker is a utility and a replacement to the SAP® GUI Scripting Development Tools. It is a SAP® GUI analyser, comparator, recorder on SAP® GUI Scripting base and a SAP® GUI Scripting API viewer.

The program shows a clearly arranged tree with all SAP® sessions and its scripting objects. Also it shows for each scripting object, after the selection in the tree with a single mouse click, a lot of technical details like e.g. ID, position etc. etc. etc.

With the Analyser the program offers the possibility to identify each scripting object with a red frame. It is possible on the one hand to select an object from the hierarchy tree and to press the right mouse button. On the other hand it is possible to select a session from the hierarchy tree and to press the identify button. Now it is necessary to move the mouse pointer to the selected session window. This functionality is equal to the SAP® GUI Scripting wizard.
After the identifying of the scripting object it is possible to copy its technical name, called ID, to the clipboard and to use them in another context. And you can search inside the the SAP® GUI Scripting object hierarchy via ID, text, type, name and tooltips to find a scripting object fast.

scripting tracker analyzer

The DumpState delivers a hierarchy of collections with information about the state of an object.

scripting tracker comparator

With the Comparator you can compare screen elements of different screens to find differences.

scripting tracker comparator

With the Recorder the program offers the possibility to record, edit and execute your SAP® GUI activities in PowerShell®, Visual Basic® on Windows® Scripting Host or AutoIt script. The recorder includes a basic editor to load, edit and execute SAP® GUI scripts. Also it is possible to record activties in Java™ and Python.

scripting tracker recorder

The Scripting API viewer shows the complete SAP® GUI Scripting API in an organized tree, analogous to the SAP® GUI Scripting API help file. It is possible with a double click to copy the signature in the clipboard to use it in your code. Also it shows the methods and properties vis-à-vis, this means you can find a method or property and the classes where they are available.

scripting tracker api viewer

You can use Scripting Tracker with SAP® GUI for Windows® and SAP® NetWeaver® Business Client (NWBC) for Desktop.

Hints: Scripting Tracker uses SAP® GUI Scripting engine. So it is necessary to enable SAP® GUI Scripting on the application and presentation server. Use the transaction code RZ11 to activate the scripting on the application server and the option menu from SAP® Logon or SAP® GUI for Windows®. If the SAP® GUI Scripting is disable on one application server, you can not see its sessions.

Download of Tracker.zip (Version 3.26 from 04.02.2018)
Tracker.zip with the size of 2'994'481 bytes and the SHA256 CRC check sum 64cd288c30e283422d2fea7766bd24e8ccb88243f67cdd07e1c21573d71b8dcf
Tracker.exe with the size of   449'024 bytes and the SHA256 CRC check sum 30bc573444d1d713c28870927240840f1560a1c1a02cedd9fe232fa5d3fcc4e7

The zip file contains:
Tracker.exe  —  32-bit native Windows® main application
Tracker.tpd  —  Help file for Scripting Tracker
TreepadViewer.exe  —  Viewer of the help file for Scripting Tracker
Tracker.ini  —  Preference file for Scripting Tracker
Recorder.exe  —  32-bit native Windows® module to record your SAP activities
Recorder.dll  —  32-bit native Windows® library for the recorder module
Snippets.xml  —  XML file with code snippets for the recorder module
Scintilla.dll  —  32-bit native Windows® editor library
COM.ps1  —  PowerShell® include
TypeLibInf.dll  —  32-bit native Windows® library to analyze COM libraries
AutoIt directory  —  AutoItX libraries and help file

Security hint: Scripting Tracker does not contain any code to harm you. But some virus scanner have a different opinion and delivers false positive messages. Here a version of Scripting Tracker to handle this. The only difference to the "normal" version is that the files Tracker.exe, Recorder.dll and TypeLibInfo.dll are runtime packed with UPX. Unfortunately I must choose this way to ensure the possibility to download and use of the program, because the manufacturers of virus detectors are often not very cooperative.

Download of Tracker.packed.zip (Version 3.26 from 04.02.2018)
Tracker.zip with the size of 3'013'763 bytes and the SHA256 CRC check sum 0218ba8bfa389779951b666f82e9c61caf1069ab8c918cfe7ca56442907b2999
Tracker.exe with the size of   221'184 bytes and the SHA256 CRC check sum 6f9589fbe5be714fc1181209bd84675422eb5b33ee592af5b3f8be8fd05f6e97
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