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Hello, here is Scripting Tracker

Scripting Tracker is a utility and a replacement to the SAP® GUI Scripting Development Tools. It is an SAP® GUI analyser, scripting recorder for different programming languages, SAP® GUI Scripting API viewer, code composer, screen comparator and dump state viewer on SAP® GUI Scripting base.

The program shows a clearly arranged tree with all SAP® sessions and its scripting objects. Also it shows for each scripting object, after the selection in the tree with a single mouse click, a lot of technical details like e.g. ID, position etc. etc. etc.

With the Analyser the program offers the possibility to identify each scripting object with a red frame. It is possible on the one hand to select an object from the hierarchy tree and to press the right mouse button. On the other hand it is possible to select a session from the hierarchy tree and to press the identify button. Now it is necessary to move the mouse pointer to the selected session window. This functionality is equal to the SAP® GUI Scripting wizard.
After the identifying of the scripting object it is possible to copy its technical name, called ID, to the clipboard and to use them in another context. And you can search inside the the SAP® GUI Scripting object hierarchy via ID, text, type, name and tooltips to find a scripting object fast.

scripting tracker analyzer sap screen guibibs

With the Recorder the program offers the possibility to record, edit and execute your SAP® GUI activities in PowerShell® Windows or Core, C#, VB.NET, Visual Basic® on Windows® Scripting Host, AutoIt script, Python script or Java. The recorder includes a basic editor to load, edit and execute SAP® GUI scripts.

scripting tracker recorder

The Scripting API viewer shows the complete SAP® GUI Scripting API in an organized tree, analogous to the SAP® GUI Scripting API help file. It is possible with a double click to copy the signature in the clipboard to use it in your code. Also it shows the methods and properties vis-à-vis, this means you can find a method or property and the classes where they are available.

scripting tracker api viewer

With the Comparator you can compare screen elements of different screens to find differences.

scripting tracker comparator

You can use Scripting Tracker with SAP® GUI for Windows® and SAP® NetWeaver® Business Client (NWBC) for Desktop.

Download of Tracker.zip (Version 5.17 from 01.03.2022)
Tracker.zip with the size of 4'096'288 bytes and the SHA256 CRC check sum ec8c9b45ca228ce928f90edf7363a7224e066e3871f60b042414165d7b14c205
Tracker.exe with the size of   521'728 bytes and the SHA256 CRC check sum c2b2e87a5a6d24f5f461f37ed6eec4bcc0f110cf7395e00237ace77235152d04

Security hint: Scripting Tracker does not contain any code to harm you. But one virus scanner have a different opinion and delivers false positive messages. Please consider this.
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